Hassle-Free DIY Fabrication

How it works

Thanks to Kwiktech’s ingenious design and clinical precision, it all comes down to simple mathematics to ensure your framework builds perfectly square when your Connectors are accurately positioned without all the calculations and complicated measurements.

Kwiktech improves on the centuries old technique of Compression and Tension Forces, as used in trusses for house construction, and catapults it into the 21st century thanks to state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge manufacturing processes.

Armed with only a tape measure and standard power tools you can now fabricate with the strength and precision of steel, aluminium or a combination of both without all of the hassle, hours of preparation and clean up and absolutely no expensive equipment. All you need to know is contained within our 4-minute DIY Square Framework Video Tutorial.

Watch this 1-minute Kwiktech v Welding demonstration and see for yourself. On the left is the inventor of Kwiktech with 20+ years experience as a Boilermaker. On the right a Kwiktech user soon after purchasing his first Impact Driver.

Same design, same hollow metal and same end result. Only completed 3x faster without all the hassle.

How it compares

Even when you ignore the fact that no extensive training is required, Kwiktech is light years ahead of traditional building and fabrication techniques to ensure you save both time and money. In fact if you don’t agree that using Kwiktech is truly hassle-free fabrication, we will give your money back. No questions asked.

Extensive testing has proven time and time again that when fabricating the exact same framework, Kwiktech’s revolutionary DIY Hollow Metal Fabrication System is up to 3x faster than welding without all the preparation, clean up and hours of frustration cutting angles and squaring up. And absolutely no weld distortion.


About KwikTech

Kwiktech is a revolutionary new product that takes all the hassle out of fabricating with hollow metal by connecting and bracing readily-available and cost-effective fencing materials for hassle-free DIY fabrication.

Now even the most inexperienced DIY’er can fabricate lightweight and ultra portable framework you can assemble and disassemble in minutes using only a tape measure and standard power tools.

Developed over a 9-year Research, Testing and Development period, Kwiktech was invented by a Boilermaker/Welder with over 20-years experience across the Construction, Mining, Oil and Gas Industries.

With a main goal of eliminating the need to cut angles and weld galvanised RHS, Kwiktech also takes all the guess work out of fabricating perfectly square framework thanks to the Easy DIY Fabrication Table.

Universal Connector

60° Rail Connector

Ingenious Design

Brace Connection

Rail Connector

Required Tools

Clinical Precision

Compression Forces

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