DIY Metal Fabrication for Every One

Fancy tackling a metal fabrication project but you don’t know how to weld?

Me too. I had grand plans of building a floating bar top for my newly created “DossBar” (aka my shed with a hole in the wall) but considering I didn’t own a single power tool it is fair to say I had no idea where to start.

Then one day, at a mate’s engagement party, I was shown a new product a friend of a friend was working on and it blew me away. Within 2 weeks I fabricated my very own galvanised steel floating bar top frame using his products. Within 16 months I was appointed as his General Manager. I truly love Kwiktech.

FYI here is the first floating bar frame I fabricated. Not bad for a first timer (he says so himself).

Obviously not a complicated framework, but perfectly square, without any calculations, clamping, complicated measurements, nothing. And all with only a standard impact driver.

I felt like a King!

Fast forward to today and we now have Video Tutorials, Easy DIY Fabrication Tables and DIY Kits that make DIY metal fabrication with Kwiktech even easier. And trust me when I say that if I, a life-long office boy who never held any interest in DIY, can fabricate hollow metal framework WITHOUT all of the new and informative aids, anyone can.

In fact DIY metal fabrication with Kwiktech is so easy to learn all you need to know is in our 4 minute Video Tutorial.