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Create strong and precisely square trusses with ease! This kit combines the Universal Connectors, Rail Inserts, and 60° Rail Inserts with other essential Kwiktech components, enabling the construction of engineered-rated truss designs ranging from 2m to 7.9m in length.

What’s Included?

The Kwiktech Truss Kit includes:

  • 30 x Kwiktech Universal Connectors
  • 20 x Kwiktech Standard Rail Inserts
  • 10 x Kwiktech 60° Rail Inserts
  • 14 x Load Displacement Plates
  • 120 x 10g x 16 Self Drilling Flat Top Screw
  • 200 x 10g x 16 Self Drilling Wafer Head Screw
  • 30 x Socket Head Cap Screw
  • 18 x 85/95mm Tension Strapping
  • 10 x 135mm Tension Strapping
  • The Step by Step Detailed Manual

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Money Back Guarantee

If you are unhappy with your Kwiktech DIY Kit for absolutely ANY reason, just send it back to us within 30 days of purchase for a FULL Refund of the Purchase Price.
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Steel Trusses Australia

Kwiktech: Your Source for Metal and Steel Trusses

At Kwiktech, we revolutionise the way you build. Our meticulously engineered and rated metal and steel trusses, supported by the simplicity of our truss kits, offer a seamless solution for both DIY enthusiasts and professional builders. Each Kwiktech build design, featuring our AS/NZS1170.0 certified connectors, ensures your projects are not just constructed but crafted with precision, strength, and style.

Why Kwiktech Stands Apart

  • Certified Excellence: Every metal truss and steel frame in our range meets rigorous AS/NZS1170.0 standards, providing a foundation of trust and reliability for your builds.
  • Versatility in Design: From metal trusses for sale to comprehensive steel truss systems, our products are designed to suit a variety of applications, ensuring your project’s needs are seamlessly met.
  • Simplified Construction: Our innovative truss kits make building straightforward. With step-by-step manuals and materials lists, Kwiktech empowers you to manage your project with ease and confidence.
  • Creative Freedom: Encased in modern cladding and flashing, Kwiktech connectors can be concealed, offering the freedom to create stylish, contemporary structures without compromising on strength.

Explore Our Product Offerings

  • Metal Truss Solutions: Ideal for projects requiring a lightweight yet strong framework, our metal trusses are versatile and easy to integrate into various architectural designs.
  • Steel Truss Options: For those demanding the ultimate in strength and durability, our steel trusses offer the robust support necessary for larger and more complex structures.
  • Truss Kits for Sale: Our truss kits are carefully curated to provide all the components and instructions needed for seamless assembly—tailored to your project’s specifications.

Your Project – Ready In Four Steps

  1. Select Your Project: Choose from our range of DIY projects, review the materials list, and we’ll prepare the necessary Kwiktech Connector Kits for you.
  2. Receive Your Manual: After purchase, receive a detailed build manual with exact measurements for a guided, precise construction process.
  3. Source Your Materials: Visit your local steel supplier with your Kwiktech build manual to obtain the best prices for high-quality materials, cut to your project’s specifications.
  4. Begin Construction: With all materials and connectors at hand, follow our step-by-step manual to start building your project with ease and efficiency.

Build with Kwiktech Today

Embrace the future of construction with Kwiktech. Our metal trusses, steel trusses, and innovative truss kits offer the perfect blend of strength, style, and simplicity. Explore our products and begin your journey to creating structures that stand the test of time and aesthetics. With Kwiktech, building is not just a process—it’s an experience.

Elevate Your Outdoor Space with Kwiktech’s DIY Solutions

At Kwiktech, we understand the value of combining functionality with aesthetics in your outdoor space. Our comprehensive range of DIY kits is thoughtfully designed to cater to your every need, from securing your perimeter to enhancing your backyard’s utility and beauty. Discover our selection and embark on your next DIY project with confidence.

  • DIY Fence Kits: Create the perfect boundary for your property with our easy-to-assemble fence kits. Whether you’re seeking privacy, security, or simply an attractive border, our kits provide all you need for a durable and stylish fence.
  • DIY Garden Sheds: Organise your gardening tools and create a haven for your green thumb with our garden shed kits. Designed for ease of assembly, these sheds not only offer practical storage solutions but also add charm to your garden.
  • DIY Storage Sheds: Maximise your outdoor storage with our versatile storage shed kits. Ideal for tools, equipment, or seasonal items, these storage sheds help keep your backyard tidy and well-organised.
  • DIY Livestock Shelter Kits: Ensure the well-being of your animals with our livestock shelter kits. Easy to construct and sturdy, these shelters provide a safe and comfortable retreat for your livestock, protecting them from the elements.
  • Chicken Coop Kits: Cater to your backyard poultry with our chicken coop kits. Designed for the comfort and safety of your chickens, these coops are simple to assemble and come with all the features needed for a healthy, happy flock.
  • Privacy Screen Kits: Enhance the privacy and aesthetics of your outdoor living areas with our privacy screen kits. Perfect for creating secluded spaces or concealing unsightly areas, these screens offer an elegant solution to your privacy needs.

Kwiktech’s range of DIY kits empowers you to improve your outdoor living space with quality, ease, and satisfaction. Each kit comes with comprehensive instructions and quality materials, ensuring your project’s success from start to finish. Explore our products today and take the first step towards transforming your outdoor space into a more functional, inviting, and personalised retreat.
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What makes Kwiktech’s metal and steel trusses unique compared to others on the market?

Kwiktech’s metal and steel trusses stand out due to their engineering and certification according to AS/NZS1170.0 standards, ensuring each truss offers unmatched durability and safety for your construction projects. Furthermore, our trusses and steel frames are designed for easy integration into a variety of structures, complemented by our truss kits that simplify the building process. This combination of certified strength and DIY-friendly design ensures a superior product capable of supporting a wide range of stylish and robust builds.

How can I purchase Kwiktech metal trusses or steel trusses for sale?

Our metal and steel trusses, along with our versatile truss kits, are available directly through the Kwiktech website. You can explore our selection of steel frames and trusses, choose the product that fits your project’s needs, and enjoy the convenience of having everything you need for your construction project delivered to your doorstep. For detailed product information and purchasing assistance, our customer service team is ready to help.

Can Kwiktech’s truss kits be used by DIY builders, or are they only for professionals?

Kwiktech’s truss kits are designed with both DIY builders and professionals in mind. Each kit includes a step-by-step build manual and a pre-calculated list of materials and connectors required for specific projects, making the construction process accessible and manageable regardless of your expertise level. Whether you’re a hobbyist looking to undertake a new project or a professional builder seeking efficiency and reliability, our truss kits provide the perfect solution.

Are the connectors used in Kwiktech’s truss kits visible in the final construction, or can they be concealed?

One of the unique features of Kwiktech’s system is the ability to conceal connectors with the most modern cladding and flashing, creating stylish and seamless builds. While our truss kits and steel frames are engineered for structural integrity, we also prioritise aesthetic appeal, allowing for the connectors to be hidden effectively within the final construction. This ensures that your projects not only benefit from the strength of our steel trusses but also achieve a clean, polished look.