How big can you build with Kwiktech?

Q: How big can you build with Kwiktech?

A: As big as your hollow metal will allow.

Simon recently asked via our Facebook Page;

“How big…can you build with (Kwiktech)?”

And our answer:

“You can go as big as your hollow metal will allow.”

Kwiktech is a Brace Connection working under Compression, very similar to Trusses used in House and Bridge Construction for hundreds of years, and when configured to fabricate a Truss, Kwiktech takes the game to a whole new level.

We are currently awaiting the final process and sign off on Load Ratings and we have a Creep Test underway on a similar Truss to the one pictured (black coated aluminium image). We expect both to far and away exceed everyone’s expectations (they currently are!) and we will keep everyone updated on all progress via our Blog and Facebook Page.

The main reason to use a truss in any construction is due to their ability to cover large spans with reduced deflection and the opportunity to support considerable loads, all while being lightweight. The major downside is the considerable increased cost in fabrication.

Thanks to Kwiktech the cost of fabrication is now half and the build-time cut to a third. And all using only a tape measure and standard power tools, producing amazing results by first time DIY Fabricators and simply outstanding results by trained, skilled fabricators.

When built in Compression, like the above truss and this awesome Floating Wakeboard Ramp, your framework will be as strong as the hollow metal itself. And if you need more strength, simply add more bracing.

While Kwiktech revolutionises fabrication, it remains no different to any other fabrication technique in that the design will dictate what you can and can’t fabricate. For any span exceeding 3m you will still need to complete all normal ‘checks and balances’ including, but not limited to, Council Approval Requirements, Building Code Requirements and any other relevant Law, Legislation, Code and/or Requirement applicable.

The main takeaway is Kwiktech simplifies the process and opens DIY Fabrication to everyone, but fabrication remains fabrication and all normal and required design, engineering and construction principles remain vital to both performance and safety.

Cheers, The Kwiktech Team.